Melvin T Dokes

Mel Dokes

Ceramic Artist

My experience with pottery began freshman year of high school. I was introduced to it by my art instructor, Tom Munich. I fell in love with process and peace it brought me. I primarily work with red stoneware and grog clays and glaze with primarily natural colors with much color overlapping. I like to focus on large, tall vases and decorative vessels and on using a variety of foot styles in my work. 
Playing in the mud has always been a way for me to leave this place we call society and for a moment live in a place that I can only describe as Peace. I truly feel pottery has been a humbling experience, every day I learn something new that I never knew could be used in the world of ceramics. My once hobby has somehow turned me into an ‘artist’, an artist in which I hope I can make my Peace proud of.


21.5" high


21.5" high


20" high


23.5" high