Dick Trench


Dick, an engineer by profession, has been sculpting for over 30 years, in part because of the love of the process and the technical challenges involved.

Over the years, he has gravitated to primarily stone sculpture working with all types of stone from the softer soapstone to the harder granite. In the past, he favored figurative works but has since moved on to include more abstract sculpture, very often mathematical geometries such as the Möbius strip or the torus. Simply stated, it is exciting to carve something beautiful from a rough stone.

"In His Image" 15"long Limestone

"Daybreak" Alabaster,Calcite, Marble

  • Conception
  • 12" High
  • Soapstone $1400
  • Enigma
  • 11.5" High
  • Alabaster $950
  • Clouds
  • 10.5" High
  • Alabaster on Wood & Slate $700



"Cross" Marble