Greg Kuharic


"Having a background as a production potter, I enjoy using the wheel as a tool for expediting the assembly of pieces. At times the pieces employ multiple parts and other times the plain surfaces enable me to experiment with glaze techniques and textures."

I currently have chosen to work exclusively in high-fired stoneware. Hand-building and assembly have become increasingly important to the complexity of the forms.

While the historical precedent for gourd-form vessels originated with dried out hollow natural forms, that later became the models for the earliest potters, it is the volume and sense of containment that I am most interested in adapting. The stems, either handles or finials, present an opportunity to create a gesture or attitude, and provide a sense of whimsical movement on each piece.

I am not making any attempt to create realistic copies, but rather am interested in inventing new forms using modern ideas of cloning and transposing disparate elements onto shapes and surfaces that might have some familiarity, yet are slightly askew in some way. While there is a long heritage of vegetable-form ceramic vessels in both Eastern and Western ceramics, hopefully my work is an attempt to produce a hybrid of my own experiences and feelings about working with clay. The fact that these pieces universally remain vessels, whether functional or not, is important to me."

Greg's work and long and varied resume can be seen at
his website.

  • 9 & 1/2" High
  • Porcelain glazed work
  • 13 & 1/2" High
  • Porcelain glazed work
  • Selection from Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, 2006
  • Edgecomb, Maine