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2017-18 Exhibition Schedule



March-April 2018 Rhonda Whitledge "Wandering The Periphery
June-July 2018 Annual Juried Show-"The Vessel"
July - August 2018 Pat Pritchard "Drawings" and Resident Artists
August 2018 Summer Studio Exhibit
September - October Jake Webster
November-December "Holiday Show" - Resident Artists
January-February 2019  
March-April 2019  
First Friday

We are open the First Friday of every month from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. We schedule most of our artists receptions for these evenings and we often have artists working.

Current Showroom Exhibit

"Wandering The Periphery" Art Dolls by Rhonda D. Whitledge


"The Bearded Bogwallop," "The Wichfinger Whatsit," and "The Crone of Early Spring" are some of the featured faeries and other mythical characters from the whimsical mind of sculptor Rhonda Whitledge. For Whitedge, creativity is life. "I experience an almost primordial connection when I take a shapeless lump of material in my hands and through manipulation, create something new, the likes of which may never have been seen before."

From her earliest memories, Whitledge could never pass by any malleable substance without trying to sculpt something, i.e., in clay, snow, mud, paper, wax, mashed potatoes, even cardboard. The media she has worked in over the years were dictated by circumstance and budget. After exploring through creating in bread dough, soft sculpture, ceramic clay, and bronze, polymer clay has become her mainstay for sculpting. Whitledge works mostly in Cernit, a temperamental, but durable, polymer clay that allows her to achieve a fine level of detail. 







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