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2017-18 Exhibition Schedule



November-December 2017 "Holiday Show" - Resident Artists
January-February 2018 Tuck Langland "Abstractions"
March-April Rhonda Whitledge
May-June Annual Juried Show-"The Vessel"
July - August Pat Pritchard "Drawings" and Resident Artists
Augustl Student Workshop
September - October Jake Webster
November-December "Holiday Show" - Resident Artists
First Friday

We are open the First Friday of every month from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. We schedule most of our artists receptions for these evenings and we often have artists working.

Current Showroom Exhibit

"Surprise! Abstract Art by Tuck Langland"


Sculptures from Langland's early period in which he delved into abstraction during his years in England and Murray, Kentucky.

"I believe that the strength of any sculpture - whether representational or abstract, lies in the abstract qualities, those of composition, form, balance, surface and the rest. A sculpture of a figure is weak if its abstract DNA are weak.”

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