Past Exhibitions


"Resident Stone Carvers"

Our Resident Stone Sculptors open the 2019 exhibition season with a gathering of their works. Each artist has his own style and creative vision.


"John Young the Ultimate Model"

John Youn
Fire Arts proudly remembers artist/model John Young with an exhibition by various artists. With drawings, paintings and sculptures, this special exhibit celebrating John's contribution to the art community will be open from November 2nd through the 30th.


"Wandering The Periphery" Art Dolls by Rhonda WhitledgeRhonda D. Whitledge


"The Bearded Bogwallop," "The Wichfinger Whatsit," and "The Crone of Early Spring" are some of the featured faeries and other mythical characters from the whimsical mind of sculptor Rhonda Whitledge. For Whitedge, creativity is life. "I experience an almost primordial connection when I take a shapeless lump of material in my hands and through manipulation, create something new, the likes of which may never have been seen before."

From her earliest memories, Whitledge could never pass by any malleable substance without trying to sculpt something, i.e., in clay, snow, mud, paper, wax, mashed potatoes, even cardboard. The media she has worked in over the years were dictated by circumstance and budget. After exploring through creating in bread dough, soft sculpture, ceramic clay, and bronze, polymer clay has become her mainstay for sculpting. Whitledge works mostly in Cernit, a temperamental, but durable, polymer clay that allows her to achieve a fine level of detail. 





Holiday Show

Original sculpture, pottery, and jewelry by local artists
in a wide range of materials, styles and prices.

Humingbird Earrings


4th Annual Juried Sculpture Show

18 artists were accepted into our annual juried show themed, "Sculpture". There were 33 pieces on display.



Holiday Show featuring Resident Artists


JNrabbitwebOur Artists have gathered their newest pieces for your enjoyment. Original art can be a unique and treasured gift.


Summer Studio 2016
August 13-26

  Summer Studio

  The work of 7 talented High School students recommended by their teachers for our summer program creating at Fire Arts.


The Whimsey Show
Through June 30, 2016


Whimsey Opening

Opening Reception First Friday, May 6, 2016

Judges Award

"Best in Show"
Rhonda D. Whitledge
"Crone of Early Spring"

People's Choice Award

People's Choice Award
Stephan Roll
"Beverly Record Chair"

(Hwim-zee - an extravagant, playful or amusing quality; a sense of humor or playfulness; anything odd or fanciful)

A total of 39 unique pieces created by 25 different artists are represented in this very eclectic show. 

Juried by Brian Byrn
Curator & Interim Director
Midwest Museum of American Art (Elkhart IN)



"Tuck Langland Retrospective: From Art Student to Young Art Professor to Professional Sculptor"


Langland IUSB

Opening reception, June 9, 2016

The Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts at IU South Bend, through Saturday, July 23 in the Art Gallery of the Education and Arts Building.

Phyllis Crawley: FUSION
Through April 29, 2016

Phyllis Crawley

14.25"high pannel

Phyllis Crawley

4.25"high with stand

Phyllis enjoys showing others about fused glass and all the many ways it can be decorated and manipulated.  She has been teaching fused glass at Fire Arts for the past few years.


Penn High Art Gallery until January 20, 2016.

Penn Show Penn Show

Harvest/Holiday Show

Holiday Show 2015
New work by Fire Arts' Artists, pottery, sculpture,and jewelry.





Robert Kuntz
16.5" high



Serving Bowls
Yvonne Desrosiers
largest 11.5"


Dr. Emma C. Wang:     Upstream  
Kiva Ford:    Glass Artistry

Through October 30th

Scarfish Octopus

Emma Wang

Kiva Ford
18" high


Dr. Wang

Dr. Emma C. Wang

The fish is a symbol of prosperity for the Chinese and, thus, my gravitation towards them as a subject was natural. My up-and-coming show is titled "Upstream," in keeping with my ever-present fish theme. "Upstream" represents life's challenges and our perseverance in overcoming these challenges. I would like to dedicate this show to those individuals who have not only managed to survive their struggles, but who have made a success of themselves."

Kiva's passion with glass began early in life, and was anchored when he received his college degree in Scientific Glassblowing. Through years of work creating complex glass instruments for use by scientists he has perfected his precision and technique in manipulating glass.

Beyond the scientific community, he is particularly known for his glass objects in bottles, which he incorporates into goblets and pendants,. His artistic work is influenced by his interests in history, mythology, and the natural world. 

Kiva Ford

Kiva Ford

Winter Red-eyed Tree Frog

Summer Student Exhibition
Through the end of August

Summer Student Exhibition  

This is the culmination of 8 weeks of work by 9 local high school students who came with teacher recomendations to work at Fire Arts. We do this every year but this years group produced the largest and strongest show we have seen.

Yvonne Desrosiers (hiding in the back row), one of Fire Arts Founding Artists directs this program.

Faith Philip

"Trapped & Rotting"
Faith West

Wheel Thrown Pottery
Philip Hostetler

Travels with Mark

June 5 - July 31

Mark Painting


Early Autumn, Salzburg

This is an exhibit of some 45 plein-air acrylic and water color paintings that Mark Gheyselinck created during his travels around the world, including East Africa, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Salzburg Austria, and Portland Oregon.

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Western Michigan University, Gheyselinck currently teaches painting and Fine Arts at the University of Portand, Oregon.

Offsite: May 23 - August 9, 2015

South Bend Museum of Art A 10-Year Celebration of Fire Arts
  SBMA Exhibition
  18 artists are represented,ceramics and blown glass, to bronze and wood

"Threatened" The Endangered Species Show

April 3 - May 29


Melvin Dokes



Melvin Dokes
Ceramics 27" high

The Endangered Species Show

This show features sculpture, ceramics and jewelry that depicts a few of the many earthly creatures and plant life whose existence is threatened by our changing world.
"As we celebrate Earth Day this week, the Sierra Club is pleased to participate in 'Threatened', the innovative art exhibit at Fire Arts. We are also delighted to offer a special award to one exceptional artwork that highlights the need to protect plant and animal species from multiple threats to native habitat from climate change and destructive development."
Steve Francis
 Sierra Club-Indiana Chapter Chair

Barb Miller : Art is NOT a Luxury

February 6th - March 27th

Never Alone

Army Vest

Never Alone on the Path

45" Mixed media

Army Vest

on 36" Dress Form

A retrospective of an Eclectic Art Teacher

(Penn High School)

"ART is NOT a Luxury. It is not just something to invest time and money in when you can spare a little extra, but it is necessary to my life. Art affects every aspect of who I am and how I view the world and think."


Offsite: Nov-Dec 2014

Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley

Jewish Federation

Portraits, Self and Otherwise

September 5 - October 31
This show features portrait work created by the artists of Fire Arts. There is representational and abstract pieces in bronze, stone and clay, as well as portraiture done in jewelry, glass and pottery, with a smattering of some 2-D work.



Bronze Babes Revisited

Now through the end of August.



Gloria Wicks



Newest works by our long time resident artists and the pieces created by our newest artists.


Thrown and Incised Bowl Kyoko Magari-Ball

Kari Black: "Sculptural Ceramics: Wheel Thrown & Hand Built"

May 3 to June 27

Dragons, mermaids and sea monsters, and sometimes serious commentary on social issues -- Kari makes work that is occasionally whimsical. Her pieces are often an exploration of form in space, and her love for color and painting can be seen in the glazes as they take on a painterly appearance. This show included 20 large vessels ranging from 15 to 25 inches tall, along with a few smaller pieces and some wall pieces.

John Mishler

March 1 to April 21

John’s first sculptures were made primarily in wood. As he began to work on a larger scale and do public art commissions he began working in welded steel. "Most of my steel sculptures were painted where now working in aluminum and stainless steel I use paint as an accent to the piece, and the texture that I put on the metal becomes more of the focus of the piece."

Most of his recent sculptures are commissioned; photos of some of these large scale sculptures are included in this exhibition.

For more information see:

THREE: Jackie Carlson, Julie Neises, & Yvonne Desrosiers

January 4 to February 21

Jackie Carlson attended Indiana University at South Bend in the early 70s, where she took sculpture from Tuck Langland.  In 1976, she joined the Army and was selected to become part of the White House Communications Agency as a communications specialist. From 1977 to 1981 she provided communications support at the White House and on three overseas and 16 stateside trips in support of the President of the United States. Upon her return to northern Indiana, she resumed studies at IUSB, and received a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1986.

Yvonne Desrosiers juggles family, her full-time art teaching at New Prairie High School in New Carlisle, IN, along with a steady stream of art production. She earned her BA in art from Indiana University in 1978, her MA in sculpture from Ball State University in 1981. 
Yvonne's most recent work includes functional thrown ware, hand-built humorous animal forms, ceramic drums and whistles and a recent series of portrait reliefs of folk musicians whom she admires. 

Julie Neises began sculpting the human figure in 1979 at the Indiana University campus in South Bend under the instruction of Harold "Tuck" Langland.  Preparing for a career in art education, she had never taken a sculpture class before, but she knew right away that she had discovered the medium that would dominate her creative life.

Julie has also pursued photography, which is currently one of the classes she teaches at Mishawaka High School. Some of her prints are included in this exhibition.

Past Exhibits

Valerie A. Schroeder: "Coccoliths"

September 7 - October 30, 2012

As a ceramic artist, Schroeder uses hand building techniques to make her sculptures, preferring to create without the constraints imposed by the wheel. She combines techniques of pinch pot, slab, coil and extruded shapes in these nonfunctional ceramic creations. Most of her pieces are in white stoneware, brown clay, or a combination of the two. They are fired at cone 9-10 in a gas kiln.

"The sea is home to a diversity of life that is both fascinating and beautiful. I have been focusing on plankton and specifically the coccolithophores. These plankton have internal skeletons made of calcium carbonate that form colonies of hollow spheres. My sculptures are interpretations of these intricate skeletons."

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Eric Kaufmann: "Broken, Healing, Whole"

Crystalline Glazed Porcelain
May 4 - June 28, 2012

For this exhibit Eric created forms that relate to brokenness, healing, and the idea of being whole. Traditionally, crystalline glazes are displayed on "pure" forms with a particular favor often shown toward classical vase shapes.

As an art teacher for the past 13 years, Eric has found the importance in designing and creating his own work and enjoys the medium of clay and working with his hands. Since 1995 he has worked with macro crystalline glazes. In these glazes, willemite crystals will "grow," given the correct ingredients and temperatures. "Crystalline glazes require control of many different variables and I particularly enjoy the interplay of differing amounts of colorant in the glazes." Crystal shapes respond to glaze chemistry changes and to temperature irregularities during the firing process. For these glazes, crystals will grow when the kiln temperature is held around 2060 degrees. This is called soaking the kiln.

"Halos" may be observed on most of the crystals on his pieces. This marks a change in temperature and then soaking the kiln. At the new temperature the crystals grow at a different rate and also in slightly different directions. While it is possible to control the general amount of crystals on the pieces, Eric does not find it currently possible to put the crystals in specific locations, or to know exactly what size they will be. Occasionally a few crystals will grow larger on a certain piece in a firing or even one or two crystals may be larger on a particular vase than the others. "I enjoy these surprises and continue to learn from each firing."

More of his works may be viewed at the Goshen Clay Artists' Guild Website.

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Elfa Jónsdóttir: "Dwellings"

March 16 - April 27, 2012

Fire Arts, Inc. invites the public to an exhibit by Artist in Residence Elfa Jónsdóttir.

"Windows have always captured my imagination. When I travel I take pictures of windows and they have been a constant theme in my artwork, both as patterns and as images. The "irregular regularity" of windows, where the same basic shape re-emerges in infinitely many variants, and where many windows together form a repeat or a more complex pattern, will always inspire and fascinate me. But windows also inspire me in other ways. This wonderful hole in the wall gives us a peek into someone's life and opens ours to the world. Looking through a window, one sees a story. Rain or shine, they protect and separate, bring together and open. Maybe it is just me, but I know that I need these wonders of windows."

"The inspiration for this project came from my constant fascination with windows and architectural images. I wanted to assemble windows that suggest buildings and I wanted to be able to vary how I put them together, suggesting the spontaneity of a settlement."

Elfa Jónsdóttir's website
Dwellings Brochure

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Tuck Langland: "Recent Works -- the last 30 Years"

January 6 - March 1, 2012

Tuck Langland, Professor Emeritus Indiana University South Bend, and one of our founding artists, will be exhibiting at Fire Arts January 6 through March 1, 2012.

"Here come the guys!" says Tuck. "After years of favoring the female form, this show will include several new pieces depicting men, clothed and nude.  Of course, females will be there, too, as well as some older works not seen in the area before."

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Jan Dean: "TOOLS for Thought"

September 2 - October 27, 2011

Fire Arts welcomes one of our newest Artists in Residence, Jan Dean, with and exhibition of her work.

Jan's works are created from a variety of materials, pins, tacks, nails, and traditional bronze. The one thing they all have in common is that they are "TOOLS  for thought.

"Similar to reading a book or seeing a movie twice, what you notice the second time is not the same as the first. The more I look, the more I see something else is holding my attention."

She often focuses on opposites and deciphering the commonality of these opposites. "Humans perceive opposites pretty easily, but given in-depth observation, is that perception real?   Don't opposites coexist on the same continuum? Are they not variations made of the same basic matter simply arranged in different orders?" 

"In the process of relating opposites to each other I created a connection or pathway between them.  This channel became more relevant than the ends it connected.  It's a channel that represents energy." 

She also tries to create tools to assist in peeling away layers of separation.  This can be seen in the Phurbas -- small figurative hand tools.  (A Phurba is a Tibetan psychic dagger.)  Its use is in battle between lamas and spirits.

"My tools seek to cut away the confusion behind desires, to enable the perception that what you seek may enable the opposite of what you desire." 

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Heather Murray: "Irdische Bänder"

Heather's ceramic sculpture explores the emotional connection of human beings with other living creatures.

"Through my fascination with animals and their familial relationships, I make sculptures that trigger an empathetic response from the viewers."

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Chris Jaworski:"Steeling the Farm"

March 1 - April 30, 2011

Fire Arts, Inc. invites the public to an exhibition of work by Chris Jaworski created with antique farm steel.

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Wayne E. Harshberger: "Journey into Stone"

January 7 - February 24, 2011

Fire Arts, Inc. invites the public to an exhibition of work by stone sculptor Wayne Harsbherger from Jan. 7 - Feb. 24.

Wayne will also be conducting a series of individual stone-carving workshops in February 2011.  Participants in the workshops will learn how to create a simple abstract sculpture using simple hand tools.

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"Holiday Show"

December 2010

This show featuring work created by our Artists in Residence will run through December 30.

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"Mud & Metal"

September 21 - October 28, 2010

Eve Woodward and Christine Monteleon, Artists in Residence at Fire Arts, will be showing some of their recent work along with some of their favorite themes.

Eve Woodward has been working in clay for nearly forty years. "Along with my creative journey, I have learned to work with paint, precious metals and bronze sculpture, and have loved them all." Woodward's first love is still clay.

Christine Monteleon has been an artist in residence since 2005.  She works in clay using both wheel throwing and hand building techniques.  Her work ranges from small utilitarian ware to large abstract sculptural forms.

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Summer Studio Show

August 19 - 31, 2010

Yvonne Desrosiers' fourth Summer Studio is over; the work is in our Showroom from August 19th to August 31st.

This year some large ceramic portrait heads and small bronze pieces were created along with other varied ceramic work.

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Linda Crimson/Dave Blodgett: "Heads and Tails"

Primarily a figurative sculptor, Linda Crimson enjoys studying people, "their faces, gestures, and movements tell so much about their lives and histories." Not caring to label her work with names, Crimson's titles come from her experiences in producing the sculpture and her love of certain periods in history. "I hope that the viewer can find a story of their own in each piece." Linda has taken up stone carving during the last four years and finds this a very peaceful activity.

Dave Blodgett has found some time for wildlife painting while most of his time has been devoted to painting murals around the country with his wife Linda Crimson. "Easel painting was almost always left on the back burner so it was nice to have an excuse to move it forward." Even though Blodgett has always been a "city kid," he plunged into this genre. "To be a wildlife artist you ought to have at least one foot in the country, but I have always been one to ignore common sense prerequisites. I plunged in." Blodgett finds great pleasure in wildlife painting. What could be more fun than rendering textures and sunlight?"

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Lanedale Pottery: "Farm Fresh"

Billy and Li Chia Cooper
March 9 - April 22, 2010

Billy and Li Chia Cooper received BA's in art from Earlham College in 2001 and established Lanedale Pottery in 2002.

"We make our own clay bodies and glazes, and we are currently focusing on our interest in local materials (local clays and wood ash) for use in glazing and glaze decoration. We fire in a number of ways including, gas reduction, gas fired salt-glazed, and wood-firing."

"For me success in making pottery is creating a favorite piece, for example, a cup, or bowl that one looks for when he or she opens a cupboard." - Billy Cooper

Li Chia's work is more sculptural , with birds that have become meditative little pieces that she places on more figurative objects for their own observation and contemplation.

Lanedale Pottery
4786 W County Road 900 N
Royal Center, Indiana.

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Wayne Andrews Wildlife: "Wood & Bronze"

After retiring, Wayne Andrews started carving full time and attending workshops conducted by world class carvers such as Ernie Muehlmatt, Bob Guge, Phil Galatas, Chris White and Gary Eigenberger.

His favorite subjects are birds of prey, but he enjoys working on other birds and animals.

Upon joining Fire Arts, Wayne began working in clay and casting in bronze using the lost wax process.

He has exhibited at many sites including: Fernwood Botanical Garden and Nature Center, Niles, Michigan; Love Creek Nature Center, Berrien County, Michigan; and wood carving shows at Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio; Duneland Wood Carvers Show, Portage, Indiana; The Fruit Belt Wood Carving Show, Cass County Fair Grounds, Michigan; World Championship Ward Wildfowl Carving Competition, Ocean City, Maryland; and the International Wood Carver Congress, Davenport, Iowa.

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Harvest / Holiday Show

November 7 - December 29, 2009

The month of November featured a harvest theme with festive vases, mugs, and serving dishes that would liven up the Thanksgiving table.

December featured a winter holiday theme with whimsical sculptures and Christmas ornaments. This Annual Holiday show featuring work by our resident artists ran from November 7 through December 29.

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Spring Clay Workshop Exhibit

A display of pieces from the Beau Bilenki raku workshop and the Dick Lehman "Altered Forms" workshop. These wonderful raku and altered ceramic pieces were created by Fire Arts artists and others in the community from this Spring's pottery workshops at Fire Arts.

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Dick Lehman exhibit

May 12 - June 25, 2009

Goshen potter Dick Lehman exhibited some fine examples of his work in the Fire Arts showroom from May 12 through June 25.

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Jon Hook and Andrea Peterson: "Into the Woods"

March 10 - April 23, 2009

Fire Arts had "Into the Woods," an exhibition of wood-kiln fired pottery by ceramicist Jon Hook and paper art by artist and papermaker Andrea Peterson.

Studio ceramic artist, Jon Hook, creates sculptural work and functional pottery. Jon's work is in numerable private collections. He exhibits his work nationally as well as in his own gallery, Hook Pottery Paper, in Laporte, Indiana. He has built his own kilns, in which he only fires with wood. Wood firing for Jon is a passion. He finds that wood firing is an intense and industrious process. It is very exciting to use local materials; straw and cattails from the wetlands add color in the form of ash glaze to the surface of the wood-fired ceramics.

Jon lives as close in harmony as he can with his surrounding environment. He creates glazes from the ash of the wood stove that heats his studio, and collects rainwater in barrels to use. The work that is produced is like no other due to the wood fly ash and plant fiber introduced into the glaze chamber during firing.

Andrea Peterson is an artist, papermaker and educator based in Laporte, Indiana. She received her MFA from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, in 1994, and BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. Most of her art consists of relief printed images on handmade sheets of paper that have utilized pulp-drawing techniques. She also has created site-specific installation work and book art pieces. Most of her work can be found in private collections, as well as a few corporate collections such as that of Hollister Clothing, Chicago. See Hook Pottery Paper.

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Valerie A. Schroeder and Patricia Stutsman

Valerie A. Schroeder - "Murisopsis"
Patricia Stutsman - "Full Circle: People and Places"
January 13 - February 26, 2009

Fire Arts had "Murisopsis" (a mouse's view), an exhibition of clay sculptures by local ceramicist Valerie Schroeder, and "Full Circle: People and Places," an exhibition of colorful pastels by local artist Patricia Stutsman, in its showroom from January 13 - February 26.

Murisopsis is what Valerie Schroeder calls this body of work; it is a compound word meaning mouse vision - looking at the world through the eyes and with the perspective of a mouse. With murisopsis small details are magnified and things are seen from a different point of view. As a ceramicist, she uses hand building techniques, slab, coil,and extruded shapes in her sculptures. Some works in this show are from her "Fungus," "Pollen," "Sea Creatures," and "Parasites" series.

Her work has been on display at the Midwest Museum of Art and the south Bend Regional Museum of Art.

Full Circle: People and Places by Patricia Stutsman is about stories and color. Pastel is her medium of choice because it is fast, colorful and most of all fun. "I try never to take myself or my work too seriously," says Stutsman. She works primarily from photographs, old family photo's and interpreting photographs of her colleagues. She considers herself a "Born-Again Hoosier," returning to Indiana for the same reasons that she moved away in the first place - family, small town atmosphere, and old fashioned Midwest values. Stutsman is currently a member of the Northern Indiana Pastel Society and a board member of the Elkhart Art League.

Her work has been on display at the South Bend Regional Museum of Art, Studio Arts Center, Elkhart Art League, Elkhart Showcase of Art, and the Havilah Beardsley House.

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Winter Holiday Show - December 2008

December 6 - 28, 2008

Work by Fire Arts artists and friends on exhibit and for sale -- great gift ideas for the holiday season.

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Janet Leazenby exhibit - November 2008

Janet Leazenby's nature inspired work, in porcelain and Raku, was in our showroom September and October 2008. She has been a teacher for 25 years in the South Bend Community School Corp, presently at Washington High, and since 1978 a ceramics instructor at the South Bend Museum of Art.

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